Come Over

by Nobody Particular

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henny Great album! Inform pt.2 is a hot crisp track.
The guitar tone and keys(?)kinda feel like I'm underwater and slowly emerge to the surface! There's so much going on. Two part feel.The rhythm. The Drums. Especially the vocals. Followed by 'LOnely' ?? Favorite track: Inform pt. 2.
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released February 26, 2016

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Lucas Baca at the Bungalow. Mastered By Spencer "Johnny Limits" Bargas.

Isaac "Boose the Goose" Vallejos: Drums on American Graffiti
Felipe Jensen: Trombone on Get Out

Album photo: Caitlyn Calhoun

Special thanks to Geoff Himsel, Bella Trout, Richard Davidson, Cody Lutz, and Fernanda Ferrer and Caitlyn Calhoun for being there

Loser Fuel Records 2016



all rights reserved


Nobody Particular Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: Get Out
I don't think I know you
Your face got stuck to the gum on my shoe
I don't think I know you
Johnny Rotten took those things I left on the side of the road
I don't think you know me
I grew out of focus and died on the ride home
I don't think you know me
you learned to love the place where you got lost

Forget you you're not there
There's no anything from where I'm standing

Just leave me alone
Pictures from the party can't curb this lyin around
don't you ask me what's wrong
Don't you know this life is too long
Track Name: Forget You
Can we pretend to breathe
Suffer from our disease
You can play with my feelings

So I guess you finally forgot
what it's like to be alive
Cuz I'm right there with you too

But I'm learning how to survive
Absorb these scars and dry my eyes
And I think that you should too

Why do you always walk away
Don't you look at me that way

Nothing's coming to save you from the nightmare that has become you
Without oxygen we would be nothing but expired bags of sand
Track Name: American Graffiti
How do you do little miss blue
An old tomorrow beckons old voices

Put the flowers in the freezer
Before you leave
Your paper fingers can't hold on to what is wilting
Nothing is more sickening than wanting to be
It's just a hunch that feeling in my gut that's
Killing me

You don't have a memory to cling onto me
Calling your name in the middle of some lonely street
But I still don't remember what it felt like before you came
Walking in
The footsteps echo across this depressed desperate desert
Called america
Track Name: Bellows
Gone too far
Break my bones
Sounds like rain
Go back home

Breath it in the brush fire
I'm tired
Get it out
The kids are going crazy
Cough it up
The medicine is waning
Going bad some rotten sort of nothing

Days like these
Can go away
Make mistakes
It's okay

Joke's on you it's no good
Laugh it off when I'm gone
How's it going living like a shadow
Reasons always there telling you to let it go
Track Name: Shampoo
I can still smell your shampoo on my pillow
But I'll do my laundry as soon as I don't wake up tomorrow
We watched a movie and I felt just like the scarecrow
Dancing across the screen singing songs no one remembers
But we sing along cuz I guess we're all pretenders
With our heads pressed down against these broken records
She'd save your life if you'd only let her
So you better clean your room by next November

But I can't help you and I can't save you
I only use you so I won't lose you to being a loner

And cutting yourself with those sharp thoughts

You'd take one step at a time if you could move your legs
But gravity always gots us down
I'd leave this town if I could stand to finally leave this town
You're coming home but you still don't know where home went
How'd you get lost on the way to nowhere
And how can I care that you care that i don't care
Ten drinks and in and I still can't feel my face
I'll put this face on so people can see me
got me thinking does anybody really see anyone at all
Track Name: Sore Loser
there's something I've been meaning to say to you
It went something like heaven is such a long time
and the band playing next door is playing the song that you dig so much
it goes
get out of bed the coffee's ready just how you like it
are you actually awake this time

Don't be such a sore loser
we're just cruisin through this life tryin to give it away
you can have it if you want i'll let you take it all you already did anyway
there's no room for us with our radio diseases
and cheap shit shit falling from the ceiling
they won't tell you if you ask them if we've got a chance
at a way of living
a short fuse funeral pyre is no place for the dying
all the time we spend boozin the things we think when no one's looking
gives us away
you can ride bikes you can eat right it's still just the end of the
you think that we can make this all right i'll tell you yeah right
it's just another excuse
all this time we've spent thinking about our made up lives
is holding the cards again
they say time yeah time time is on our side soda pop is just a dream
people screaming outside throwing up peace signs
what does it even mean
your bed is such a silly joke
we're never going back home
Track Name: Inform pt. 2
Who cares these days i mean we smoke and then we die
and stay busy getting out of here
You can take those pills for weeks and pretend that they'll finally make you happier
That feeling in your brain promised you that it would stick around until you cough it up
they make you say these things like hate now you're
feeling bad

Now is the time to cough it up
those secrets you kept locked in your car
are runnin around now ruining your point of view

Tonight's the worst I've ever felt
you don't speak for me
Call my bluff and we can go to the show
Track Name: Lonely
I am a robot
drink is your jesus
coming after you in your sleep

You are a death threat
you are those feelings
they don't suit you
that's why you're dizzy

We are the ugly
we are the lonely
keeping each other company
lyin across the alter

We are a lost cause
we are the last ones
tired enough to stand up
and punch the TV
because we're busy
bangin our heads against the wall
Track Name: Paper Planes
I started the fire
I burnt the house down
I did it on purpose while I was unconscious
I opened the door the photo albums
were melting
Becoming apart of the roof and the carpet
It captured a scene of days worth walking for
I ran into the street while you were still trapped inside
You were on the second floor naked ad at home
Convinced you were ready to die

I can't stand this
I can't help it

Something's not right
It's okay to be afraid

It tastes like night
and the monsters bight
no matter what they say

You're daughter started hanging with those kids
listening to rock and roll music
Picking up habits from the kings and queens
that you'll never know
Track Name: Cage Wreck
White noise
and plastic toys
we've been through this before
paper plates and headaches
and Adam's passed out on the floor again

Brittle bones and sharp tones
Find you even in a place called home
I can't explain this pain
it rattles the bars of the cage in your head

I can hardly ever get out of bed
I never seem to leave my head